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Oct. 25

Today's photo contest entry comes from Colin Partridge, a retired RCMP officer and long-time wood carver. He calls this piece "Rise of the Kraken."

This is a sculpture that I carved out of a tree truck for my front lawn for Halloween," he wrote in his submission. "The carving is of the Kraken monster from Clash of the Titans. I wanted to portray him rising from the underworld to leash his wrath on mankind. I am a local carver long time retired member of the RCMP who did this carving as a treat (or trick) for the children on Halloween. It sits on my front lawn and the children just love him for some reason they are not scared of him at all."

Those children have great taste, and Colin has mad skills. Great submission, thanks for sharing!

Oct. 24

Sue Sadzak of North York, Ontario sent us this photo of some zombies in downtown Toronto.

Fear not, readers; they're of the faux variety.

Sue took this photo during the 2012 Toronto Zombie Walk, which took place Saturday. Thousands of gore lovers show up in their spookiest attire each and every year for the event, one of many zombie walks that take place annually across Canada and the world.

Oct. 23

Paige H, who goes by @paigephoto_ on Instagram, sent us today's photo contest pick using the hashtag #CBCSpooktober.

Few things are spookier than a dead end street at night time when nobody else is around, especially in a wooded area as this appears to be!

Cool photo, Paige. We hope you got back onto the main road okay...

Oct. 22

Today's photo contest pick was sent to us from Alicia Banfield through her CBC Your News community profile.

She took this photo of a street in Marsden, SK on a foggy evening.

Alicia explained in the picture's description that those subtle ghost figures were added in later with the help of a computer, but we'd prefer to think she caught something paranormal with her lens.

Hey, what's Halloween without a little bit of magic?

Great photo, Alicia!

Oct. 19

Brent Thompson, of Rothesay, New Brunswick sent us this chilling photo, which he calls "Spooky old mill in the gorge."

He says: "I took this shot two weeks ago while travelling in Sorrento, Italy on vacation.
The old mill is about 600 years old, located at the bottom of a 250-foot gorge.
The shot was taken at night and the old mill is lit up inside and the exterior lights change color every few minutes giving it a "Transylvanian" appearance.  There were bats actually flying around in the eerie lights below as I took the shot - which was about a 20 second exposure."

Thanks for this eerie shot, Brent. We can definitely imagine it as Dracula's lair.

Oct. 18

Leanne Barker calls this photo, "Strange lights over Fort Saskatchewan."

She submitted it to the CBC Your News Community with the following story:

"The morning of Oct. 16 at 12:30 a.m. I saw a vertical beam of orange light broken in the sky hovering over Fort Saskatchewan. This continued for the hour that I observed it. After following the direction to where the beam may have come from, it appeared that it was the result of a gas flare reflecting into the sky. I never noticed this before, but it was certainly interesting. Many UFO sites are reporting this phenomenon in Alberta. I would be interested in hearing the full explanation of how this naturally occurs."

Thanks for this Leanne.  We can definitely see how someone who doesn't have your investigative instincts might find the light pretty spooky!

Oct. 17

Ed Jackman of London, Ontario sent us today's photo contest pick through Instagram using the hashtag #CBCSpooktober. It was taken in Elora, Ontario.

"Just a shell of its former self," writes the iPhonetographer in the post's caption. The tags on the photo indicate that Ed used an Olloclip fisheye lens to take this photo, making the abandoned building look even spookier than it already is -- in a fun house mirror sort of way.

Great shot, Ed, and good on ya for braving whatever creepy things may inhabit that place to get it :)

Oct. 16

Today's photo contest pick is of an eerie plated heart, extracted from an adult male moose in Heart's Delight, Newfoundland. It comes to us from Bradley Pottle of Toronto and is, to at least one member on the CBC Community team, the spookiest picture we've received to date.

"This heart was extracted and prepared for thanksgiving dinner," wrote Bradley in his caption. "Other parts of the moose were sectioned off and frozen or given to family and friends. The moose was legally obtained in the wild in Heart's Delight, Newfoundland & Labrador."

All shock of seeing a heart on a plate aside, this is a beautiful image. We hope your family enjoyed it as much as we do!

Oct. 15

"On a Halloween eve, the car called to have its picture taken," wrote Mandi Matson of Toronto in the caption for this photo contest submission. "Then looking a little close, one notices that they are being watched."

When Mandi sent us this spooky shot through her CBC Your News profile, we were instantly drawn to it. The pink back-lighting, the skull art on the walls of the building, the heart drawn in dust the car -- all of these elements serve to make this one heck of a compelling image.

The skull in the window is icing on the (creepy, watchful) cake.

Nice work, Mandi!

Oct. 12

Vianney Robillard took these eerie photos of apple trees at night last winter in Montreal.

He used photoshop to add a "witch" layer, to add to the spooky feel, he says.

"I drew what I thought was a scary witch/ghost image, and added it to the picture in Photoshop, doing some gradient masking to make it blend into the background."

The result is a stark and shiver-inducing image of an otherworldly, gnarled apple tree.

Thanks for your submission!

Oct. 11

Mike Connor emailed us a photo of a perfectly normal dining room scene - hey, wait a second . . .

"The sharp-eyed among you might notice something a little 'off' about this picture," writes Mike.

"That's RIGHT! The vegetables in the table bowl are FAKE! "

Jokes aside, Mike also notes that the extended exposure on a 'dinner guest', who fled the frame halfway, may have a few people scratching their heads.

We're not sure we'd invite this ominous figure over to our place, but we are certainly glad we caught a glimpse here!

Oct. 10

Erika Szabó from Brampton, ON sent us this photo of a leafless branch silhouetted against a full moon.

She said that she likes to take pictures of the full moon in her suburb, but once while shooting a photo in a patch of forest near her backyard, she nearly stumbled into a man "just one metre away from me who set there, in the darkness and in silence, just watching me."

She adds that "like thorns on plants, we should always have some means of defence against the dangers of the night!"

Very spooky Erika! Thanks for your submission.

Oct. 9

Michael Vesia sent us this photo of a "skeleton bride" he found on a street corner in Mexico City.

He said it looked so real it "spooked him out."

Oct. 8

Janet Kvammen of B.C. sent us this haunting photo of a full moon above a graveyard. She described the mood as "spooktacular" in the the "eerie, atmospheric" scene.

The light around the clouds almost looks like a ghostly spectre, and it certainly gave us the willies. Thanks for the scare, Janet!

Oct. 5

"Just imagine the size of that spider to make a web like that," says CBC Your News Community member David Berry from Verdun, Quebec.  David calls this picture, "Where's the spider?"

Let's face it. Spiders are spooky.  And the black and white exposure makes the web even spookier.  If you ever see a web this big, turn around and go the opposite direction.  You never know where its owner might be!

Oct. 4

"I'm sure this scary night light is more likely to give you nightmares!" writes Emily Taylor or Calgary, AB.

She sent us this photo, called "human night light" from her CBC Your News community profile.

It's a spooky photo, but a cool one. We love the creativity of this concept and the subject shows some fine acting skills with that haunting face. Thanks for submitting!

Oct. 3

Mike Gallant of Summerside, PEI sent us a photo of his son dressed up in a Halloween costume.

"Klown Killa" is the name of the photo, which manages to be both frightening and beautiful thanks to the interesting setting and use of selective colorization.

We applaud both the costumed boy and the photographer. Together, their creativity made for one perfectly spooky image.

Oct. 2

Our first photo contest pick of the month comes from Kristina Parchomchuk.

"Creepy old dolls at night spook me out," she writes. "These two always seem to be in the same spot on this sidewalk in Taichung, Taiwan. I'm sure they get up and walk around when I'm not looking."

Not to freak you out, Kristina, but we're pretty sure they do too. Great photo :)

October's photo contest theme

For this month's photo contest, we're focusing on things that spook you out. We're sure you'll have plenty of fodder as Halloween approaches, but this is not strictly a jack-o'-lantern and costume contest. Read more about our theme here and enter below!

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