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Canada is a nation of immigrants.  The Canadian story is filled with newcomers coming from all parts of the world to make a new life for themselves and their families. Last year we added almost 250,000 permanent residents to our ranks, according to Statistics Canada, and we receive almost twice that number in applications.

For someone applying from abroad or unfamiliar with the system the immigration process can be a little frightening or intimidating.  And the sheer volume of applications has created a backlog, which can mean frustrating wait times for the applicants themselves.  This past February the government released a committee report dedicated to improving efficiency in the immigration system, but reform takes time.  

One way or another we have all experienced the immigration process.  If you are not an immigrant yourself, you probably count new Canadians among your friends and loved ones.  Some of us know immigration through the experience of family unification or hiring foreign workers.  Others have helped friends or family members in their visitors' visa application.  Maybe you have hosted foreign students coming to study and learn here.

We want to hear your immigration story. Tell us about your experience navigating the process.  Some people are able to easily wade through the system of applications and interviews on their journey to Canada and others encounter challenges they never expected.  

You can share your stories about immigrating to Canada and the process you experienced by sending us an email at  Some of the best will be featured in an upcoming series on CBC News online, on television and on radio.  

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