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Reaction to NDP opposition to the Nexen deal

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NDP natural resources critic Peter Julian and industry critic Hélène Leblanc came out against the plan by Chinese company CNOOC to take over Nexen, the Calgary-based oil company.

"They've completely botched this file. This is a mess of the government's own making," Julian said.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper responded by saying the NDP position on the takeover "is not a surprise."

"On general orientation towards investment, obviously we understand, you know, the NDP is an ideologically socialist party that's opposed to all investment," Harper said.

In the comments of our story, most of the CBC Community sided with the NDP on this issue.

  • "Finally, there is something NDP and I can agree on. I live in Calgary (originally from Ontario), but seriously if Conservatives allow the biggest Canadian oil and gas company to be taken over by China, I am never voting for them ever again," said JamesHatcher.

    (To clarify, the Nexen deal is valued at $15.1 billion, which would make it China's biggest foreign takeover yet. It's one of Canada's biggest petro companies, but Encana, Canadian Oil Sands and Talisman are bigger.)

  • "No government in their right mind would even consider selling the rights to resources to an outside interest that is not only another country, but is in the form of a foreign governmentally-oriented corporation. It's not just the oil resource, but the related jobs, the environmental controls, and many other issues pertaining to oil sands development, that is at stake here," said MBrunswick.

  • "At least the NDP is standing up for the Canadian national interest, the Harper regime needs to take a lesson from them. Canadian oil should be developed more slowly, preserved for Canadian uses far into the future," said Uncommon senses.

  • "We need to retain control of our own natural resources. Stop exporting crude oil, bitumen and raw logs. Process them here using Canadian labour. When it comes to natural resources we should put the interests of all Canadians ahead of investor's bank accounts," said Green Curry.

But the Nexen deal found some support in the CBC Community, as well.

  • "It must drive socialists absolutely crazy that Canada's energy sector is not 'nationalized.' We shareholders of Nexen are confident that PM Harper will do the right thing, and allow this transaction to proceed. The NDP are divisive to the core," said Wallygator.

  • "A foreign company trying to purchase a Canadian oilsands company is not a bad thing, despite what other commenters are saying this is not a sale of Canadian resources. We sell the rights to mine for resources, or oil in this situation and also collect heavy taxes on profits. This is a good thing, it lowers taxes. There's a reason Alberta has no need to collect a sales tax, it already has tax from oil, and we still have barely scratched the surface," said Grimwulf.

  • "The Chinese economy will be the world's largest 15 years from now. That is why every nation on earth is sending trade delegations to China. Our provincial governments, educational, financial institutions, automotive, environment companies are all sending delegates to China seeking trade. China, in turn, is seeking trade here in Canada and elsewhere. We'll have to spell out the rules for them to operate here. If we go by history, the Chinese will more to fear of us Westerners than we are of them. The NDP is merely politicizing the process," said Moodkok.

Thanks, as always, for your feedback. Feel free to continue the debate and discussion in the comments section below.

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