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Reaction to Liberal poll numbers climbing

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mi-trudeau-460-RTR38T5P.jpg Liberal leadership candidate Justin Trudeau speaks at a rally in Mississauga, On on Oct. 4. A new Nanos poll suggest support for the Liberal party is climbing. (REUTERS/Mike Cassese )

A CBC News article about a Nanos poll indicating that Liberal support is climbing has CBC Community members talking.

The Nanos poll suggests that the Liberal party has picked up almost six points over the NDP in the last month, while support for the Conservative party is steady at 33 per cent.  

Pollster Nik Nanos told CBC that, "many parties naturally do well during leadership races because voters can project onto a leaderless party based on the possible choices."

Many CBC commenters went further, and drew links between the Liberal boost and MP Justin Trudeau announcing his intention to run for leadership of the party on Oct. 1.

  • "If Justin and Thomas refuse to co-operate in the next federal election Harper will win another term by splitting the vote yet again," said ArtMuler.

  • "I have been saying that since the first time Harper won a minority. The Liberals and the NDP must co-operate, either form a coalition or agree not to run against each other. Why is it almost everyone can see this except the leadership of those two clubs?" replied A Radical.


  • "I would rather have Harper as PM than the NDP. Justin will rebuild the Liberals and most likely won't win the next election but will be in a position to be PM in eight years," replied Dave123.


Others debated over Trudeau himself, and whether or not he might make a good leader for the Liberal party if he wins the leadership race.


  • "JT is a special case because of who his father was. He's young, good looking and has a supportive wife. Already the polls show he is playing to a receptive audience. Of course he can win the next election," said Harry Johnson.


  • "I think it is a safe bet to assume the boost the Liberals have received is solely due to the interest in Justin Trudeau. Unfortunately the interest is almost entirely due to his connection, being the son of a well-known and popular past prime minister. There are two ways this is going to go; Justin loses, and people focus on the loss of faith they have had with the Liberals, or Justin wins, and everyone forgets the past because "Hey look, it's Trudeau!" Charisma and a name trump all else. I don't mean to belittle him. I believe he is a good man and a good politician. But it is important to be honest about why there is so much attention given to him," said Elesjei.


  • "It would be nice to dig out some of the comments that were posted shortly after Ignatieff took over the Liberals. I am recalling the same euphoric enthusiasm about a Liberal resurgence. Problem is reality sooner or later reality kicks in. Justin could be good or he could be a colossal flop. We don't know that at this point," said Rose21.

  • "From a Liberal-NDP sympathizer who is currently leaning more Liberally: This is just leadership hype. Saw the same thing when Tom got elected leader of the NDP," said John Sollows.

As always thanks for your comments and thoughts. Feel fee to continue the discussion in the comments below. 

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