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Reaction to Justin Trudeau's Liberal leadership bid

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mi-460-justin-leadership-cp.jpg Liberal MP Justin Trudeau announced Tuesday that he will seek leadership of the party. (Graham Hughes/Canadian Press)

Liberal MP Justin Trudeau formally announced his bid for leadership of the Liberal party yesterday. His move has garnered a huge response from the CBC Community, including well over 1000 comments one on story alone.  

Trudeau launched his bid in his riding of Papineau, Que., with a speech focusing on the middle class, the economy and youth.

"The time has come to write a new chapter in the history of the Liberal Party, because we're talking of the future and not the past," Trudeau said. "Here, tonight, a new movement begins."

Here's what CBC Community members had to say about Trudeau:

  • "I am thrilled that Justin Trudeau has announced his candidacy to run for the leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada. It is about time we had someone lead the Liberal Party who has a fresh outlook on how to lead the party, and who is willing to listen to both his colleagues, parliament, and the people." -- mkwestvan
  • "Give the kid a chance - let's see "what he says" over the next few months. He has as much experience as Harper had." -- Donald A. Brown
  • "After what he did to Partick Brazeau I wouldn't count him out." - HOMARE
  • "Connecting with young Canadians is an important thing to do. However, it's only half of the youth issue. The other, more daunting challenge is to get those young Canadians out to vote. Mr. Trudeau's success at the polls, reflected either in the Liberal Party as a whole or himself in his own hypothetical riding, isn't achieved by "likes" or "tweets" or "friends."" -- Elim_Garak
  • "I am not without confidence because he is the son of Trudeau - I am without confidence because he hasn't shown me that he's on my side. He professes to be the young generation, yet he copies the behavior of an older generation that relates little with mine." -- dragonspin
  • "The lesson Harper taught Canada: you don't need Quebec to get a majority. With Trudeau for a leader, the best the Liberals will ever do is be leader of the opposition. The Trudeau brand will never ever sell in the west," said Manawaka.
  • 'This is the first potential candidate in Canadian history that can be in touch with both the political world, and the average man. He is young enough to get younger people interested in politics, and yet charismatic enough to satisfy the general public. As long as he plays his cards right, he should, in fact, win the bid." --mel_in_nl
  • "If he is even half the man his father was, he'll have my vote." -- vivmus96
  • "If his name were Justin Smith would you still support him?" -- WesleyMouch
  • "It will be interesting if he wins the leadership race. I am not sure if the Trudeau name will sell in Quebec amongst the francophone vote, I know from my time living in Alberta/Sask that the Liberal brand and Trudeau name is not liked at all from the National Energy Plan.  I know Mr. Trudeau is popular BUT he better bring some substance with him because Mr. Muclair and Mr. Harper are intelligent political foes with street smarts as well when it comes to politics." -- ninja1000
  • "People will be comparing him to his father. I frankly hope he is better than his father.  His father did more to divide this country than any prime minister since confederation. He alienated the west and the FLQ crisis and the constitution made him unpopular in Quebec." -- Likarok
  • "The next Prime Minister of Canada." -- JasonDiggy
  • "Certainly won't hurt the Liberals -- they can't drop much further. With a couple of years of mentoring he just might be ready to take a run at the brass ring. (As long as the old-time Liberal honchos stay out of the limelight and let him establish his own persona and platform)." --PaidPoster

Thanks, as always, for your feedback. Feel free to continue the debate and discussion in the comments section below.

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