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Reaction to Baird's criticism of the UN

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There was a strong reaction from the CBC Community to Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird's criticism of the United Nations on the last day of the 67th General Assembly.

During his speech, Baird said that the UN should stop looking inward and start looking at what it's getting done in the world.

"The preoccupation with procedure and process must yield to substance and results," he said. "If the UN focuses on the achievement of goals such as prosperity, security and human dignity, then reform will take care of itself."

The CBC Community has written hundreds of comments on Baird's speech since Monday's original story.

  •  "It's so difficult to be a proud Canadian when the ones representing us are such an embarrassment," said SmedleyButler.

  • "Canada's reputation drops another notch," said deirYassin.

  • "The idea that this obnoxious person is representing our country on the world stage is truly offensive. It only deepens my contempt for our current federal government," said MyBlueNose.

  • "So tell me Mr. Baird, what exactly is Canada accomplishing in the world?" asked eds111.

  • "Mr. Baird's speech confirms that Canada has lost its way in the world and unfortunately it is, for the most part, blind to this fact. It is doubtful that Canada will, in our life time, be able to bring back the international reputation it built following the Second World War and the Pearson and Trudeau eras, and so quickly thrown away these past few years. It is truly sad that Canada's image abroad is now seen in such examples of caricature as today's speech by Mr. Baird or in the earlier and bizarre world statesman award given to Mr. Harper," said Chancery.

  • "For this Canadian, the United Nations has lost all of its sheen and most of its credibility. I'm not sure about all of our government's foreign policy, but I certainly agree with the reduced importance it is giving this merry band of incompetents," said Redbike.

Thanks, as always, for your feedback. Feel free to continue the debate and discussion in the comments section below.

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