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Move to strip Lance Armstrong of Tour De France titles sparks debate

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 U.S. Cyclist Lance Armstrong was stripped of his seven Tour de France titles on Oct. 22, 2012 by the UCI, the cycling governing body. This Feb. 2011 file photo shows Armstrong during an interview in Austin, Texas. (AP/Thao Nguyen)

A story about cyclist Lance Armstrong, who was stripped of his seven Tour de France titles today and banned for life from competing, has CBC Community members talking.

The UCI or International Cycling Union based its move on a 200-page report from the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency into Armstrong's actions, as well as supporting testimony and documents. USADA said that Amstrong was running "the most sophisticated, professionalized and successful doping program that sport has ever seen" which included the use of steroids, the blood booster EPO, and blood transfusions.


Many commenters were critical of Armstrong and supported the UCI's move.


  • "Lance you were a modern-day hero to many including myself, and you made millions proud to help Livestrong, and you made millions of dollars off that image as well. But that accolade was given to a man who is a lie. Shame on you," said Rickieroo.


  • "This is great news. Let's hope they carry through and get rid of cheating altogether. Now let's see if Armstrong has what it takes to be a real man, and come out and admit what he's done and apologize," said b.c. terry.

  • "He's had plenty of opportunities before now. His begrudging acceptance of the penalties came at the last possible minute when it could still head off a public trial.A bit like a petulant kid being forced to clean up his room. Don't expect a show of character from this guy," replied random user1867.


  • "I love sports and what they represent in human will, spirit and achievement. I have always been a sports fan. Like many people, I believed (or wanted to) in Lance Armstrong. Amazing physical feats of achievement after recovering from cancer! But like Ben Johnson, Marion Jones, Mark McGwire and Barry Bonds - I do not want athletes to prosper when they have cheated to achieve their goals/victories/records. Cheaters do not represent to me the best in human will, spirit and achievement," said MattH123.


Others were supportive of Armstrong, or were critical of the UCI.


  • "He stood on the podium seven times, the pictures exist they cannot banish those facts from existence. Trying to change history after the fact is absurd. All the competitors were probably doing similar things at that time. Seven years after the fact this is more of a political correctness witch hunt. What he did in raising funds for cancer shouldn't be forgotten," said cymbc1.


  • "Lance Armstrong's doping is both symptom and cost of a sport that lost direction and compromised its athletes in order to win at any cost. It does not speak to the person outside that persona and should not detract from his heroic efforts on behalf of cancer research and health promotion. That speaks to the person he is," said valedm.


  • "Doping or not, Lance is still the greatest Tour de France rider of all time. The entire peloton was doping, not just Lance. Now let it go," said murdochguy.


  • "I'm afraid I believe that Lance did cheat, but I also believe they ALL cheat. The only way for any of them to make a living and survive in such a competitive sport is to cheat the system. He still beat the others, over and over again, so there has to be some level of skill and talent involved on his part. This "investigation" is just a witch hunt to make them feel good about their sanctimonious selves," said Oghma6.


It also prompted some commenters to raise questions about doping in sports:


  • "I'd like to see doping allowed in this sport, since most are doing it anyway. Let us see the absolute limit to human athletic achievement, with respect to science. That would be incredibly entertaining," said jdizzle.


  • "I wonder what happens to the Tour de France now? Will anyone ever tune in again? Will they allow doping to level the playing field? Will this extend to the Olympics as well?" said HaMfisTed2.


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