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LIVE ONLINE: The dark side of Halloween

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si_halloween_livechat_iStock_000021578924Large.jpgAs the end of October approaches, little ghouls and goblins are gearing up to roam the streets in search of candy.

And while adults know that the kids inside those spooky costumes are just having fun, some aspects of Halloween are far less-than-harmless.

Recent figures released by the Retail Council of Canada show that Canadian households with children will be spending an average of $75 on Halloween purchases this year, mostly on candy.

A similar survey of 1,000 consumers by thrift retailer Value Village found that a family of four will spend $330 on average for costumes and decorations.

And it's not just the economic implications that have parents worried.

A recent batch of 1,400 children's pirate Halloween costumes were seized in the United States for containing an unsafe amount of lead.

On this side of the border, Health Canada issued a recall of Halloween face paints for containing lead levels that were too high, but over 4,800 face paint sets have already been sold. More details are available on the Health Canada website, along with advice on what to do if you've purchased the paint.

There have been two additional recalls for Halloween costumes in Canada, one for a pair of wings and one for a cat costume. Both didn't meet the requirements for textile flammability under Canadian law.

Host Lauren O'Neil will spoke with experts from the worlds of green living, parenting, and consumer affairs Thursday evening, including:

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