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How do you avoid food waste in your home?

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A study from the Value Chain Management Centre says that Canadians throw away about $27 billion worth of perfectly edible food every year, and more than half that comes from Canadian homes.

si-iStock-fruit-grocery-store220.jpgIn the U.S., it's estimated that 40 per cent of food ends up in the trash. Recent estimates of Canadian food waste are in that ballpark.

And worldwide, nearly a third of all food is lost.  

It's a staggering amount of wasted food and members of the CBC Community have come up with tips to avoid throwing out food in your own home.

  • "Shopping once a week at the local mega grocery store, pretty much guarantees that the fresh vegetable that was on sale last Saturday, is turning mushy by the following Friday. I got sick of throwing out food that had spoiled by the time I got around to using it. I now shop EVERY day for perishables, and buy what I intend to eat that evening, and sometimes the following day. This takes only slightly more time than the mega-shopping extravaganza that I, and every other person in my city did on Saturdays. I now have my weekends free of the crazy crowds, and I throw out a lot less food," said fletchoid.

  • "When I grow food in the garden I waste almost none of what I collect. What I don't collect becomes fertilizer for next year. The transportation cost is nil and the food is literally 'fresh.' I save my own seeds. That's food efficiency," said Bard29.

  • "We are senior citizens on limited income and so we are very careful about food purchases and pay close attention to best before dates etc and we almost never throw out any food. We cook some large one-pot meals that can be divided into smaller individual meals and freeze them. We freeze loaves of bread and take just enough for two or three days out of the freezer so it never gets stale or thrown out. Leftovers are refrigerated quickly and the containers are dated. If something might not get eaten soon enough it goes into the freezer. We have, in addition to the freezer across the bottom of the fridge, a small deep freeze in the attached garage so we can purchase things like bread when they are on sale and freeze them," said Lani444.

Do you have tips for reducing food waste? Share them here!

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