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Has the beef recall changed your eating habits?

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mi-460-ground-beef.jpg The massive beef recall across Canada has people worried about the meat they eat and where it comes from. (Jim Cole/Associated Press)

A nation-wide beef recall has Canadians concerned about where their beef is coming from.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency first issued a recall of contaminated beef products last month.

The initial recall covered meat that came from XL Foods' Brooks facility, which processes a third of the country's beef, between August 24 and 27, as well as Sept. 5.

The recall was expanded again by the CFIA on Sunday. Currently, the number of products on the recall list is now over 300.

The list of affected stores and products is so long that customers are being prompted to just ask where their beef is coming from.

CBC News spoke with Richard Noble, who runs a specialty butcher shop in Vancouver's Dunbar area says he's already had lots of people inquire about the meat they buy.

"Quite a few people asking a lot of questions about where everything comes from, how it's processed, what's gone on in Alberta, why it's happened," he said.

"We try to explain that it's a big operation and it's a hygiene issue, basically cleaning is probably the issue."

Even as the recall was being expanded on Sunday, Alberta Premier Alison Redford lauded the quality and safety of Alberta beef. Redford spoke at a ranch on Sunday to try to encourage consumers to keep buying meet from the province.

How has the beef recall affected your eating habits? Has it changed your views on where to shop and what you will eat? Let us know by leaving your thoughts in the comment field below.

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