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Do you cross the border to save money on flights?

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 Millions of Canadians cross the U.S. border to save money on airfare, a new Conference Board of Canada report shows. Are you one of them?. (istock)Approximately five million Canadians are expected to drive over the U.S. border to catch betters deals on flights this year, according to a new report issued by the Conference Board of Canada.

"We can expect the prevalence of Canadians crossing the border to fly from a U.S. airport to continue to grow," the report states, crediting lower airfares in the U.S. as one of the trend's main drivers.

The report focused mainly on three of Canada's largest airports; Vancouver International, Toronto Pearson, and Montréal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International, along with their cross-border competitors in cities like Buffalo, NY and Burlington, VM.

On average, U.S. airlines have a 30% cost advantage over their Canadian competitors, the report found.

The board urges lawmakers in Canada to lower taxes and fees on the industry in order to make it more competitive, but also notes that taxes aren't the only factor giving rise to this problem.

"Cross-border air fare shopping is being driven by a "perfect storm" of factors that also includes differences in wages, aircraft prices and industry productivity as well as U.S. aviation policies," said Vijay Gill, who authored the report.

An estimated two million of these jet-setting boarder jumpers could be lured back to Canada if the price gap is reduced, Gill said.

Have you ever crossed the border by land to fly? Was it to save money, or for a different reason? Share your stories with us below.

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