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American meat processor JBS USA yesterday took over the management of XL Foods, the Alberta-based plant at the heart of the recent beef recall.

The company is the wholly owned subsidiary of Brazilian multinational company JBS, with plants in Brazil, Argentina, Australia, the U.S and many other beef-producing countries. The agreement provides JBS an exclusive option to buy the Canadian and U.S. operations of XL Foods.

The news of the acquisition, coming so soon after the ever-expanding recall of beef form the XL Foods plant, didn't sit well with some members of the CBC Community.

  • "I realize we are talking about beef products here but this entire scenario is starting to look a little fishy!" said Yeahbut.

  • "Oh, good. So now the Brazilians and the U.S. are going to show us how it's done right? Canadians have proven themselves so slack they can't even produce their own food supply safely," said kc0822.

  • "It sounds as if it is being sold, not 'targeted for takeover.' What a scandalous way to evade justice and court actions. It seems that there is no honour amongst some," said spondytoo.

  • "I can say for sure that I will never buy another product that has come from XL Foods no matter who is now running it. The entire industry as a whole has to be over-hauled from the transportation of animals to slaughter houses, the slaughter procedures and the cutting and packaging," said BrendaDoucette.

  • "There's nothing new here, at all. Foreign companies have been taking over Canadian companies, for years, and nobody is doing anything to stop it," said NorthernThunder.

  • "XL is a real soap opera. So sad that so many animals gave their lives up for nothing, considering so much recalled meat has hit kitchen garbage cans. In the end, it is all about money, animal welfare and human health be damned," said MaybeVegan.

Still, the takeover bid was welcomed by some members of the CBC Community.

  • "Their website says they have 140 production facilities worldwide with over 120,000 employees and are the largest animal protein processor in the world. I'd prefer local ownership but perhaps this is akin to replacing the plant operators at the Walkerton water treatment facility," said RedDogAB.

  • "Bringing in JBS will give this plant a fresh new start. It's clear that current management just can't cut it," said Harry Johnson.

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