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Who is to blame for the NHL lockout?

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The Saturday night deadline passed without a deal between the NHL's players and owners, so we're now in Day 2 of the 2012-13 NHL lockout.

The two main issues behind the lockout are money and the collective bargaining agreement that expired Saturday. The league says teams are paying too much for players. The players say they want a higher salary cap to reflect the NHL's growing revenues.

The NHL says that the league "has been, and remains, committed to negotiating around the clock" for a new CBA.

The NHLPA posted its message to fans on YouTube, a video that went viral over the weekend.

So, whose side are you on? Who's to blame for the lockout?

In our comments, some members of the CBC Community blame league commissioner Gary Bettman and the owners:

  • "Someone should lockout Bettman and start the season while concurrently negotiating. This will be Bettman's third NHL work stoppage; one must question his leadership," said Mark 138.

While other commenters blame the players:

  • "The greed of some/most of the players is going to be there no matter who the top dog is. Bettman isn't the most personable person around, however the really disgusting thing in this whole mess for me is the player's ridiculous and mind boggling greed," said gooley16.

But the consensus among the commenters is "a pox on both their houses."

  • "Millionaire vs Billionaires. The whole damn system has lost sight of the fans. Unite and reject the hockey corporation. Lock them out of your life," said JoePublic.

  • "The only people I feel bad for are the arena workers that rely on the NHL season to make ends meet. This is awful news for them. As for the owners and players - who cares? I've got the OHL and the Ottawa 67s to follow!" said JohnnyNoGood.

And EL_Padroni replied with this:

"I wholeheartedly agree! I haven't spent a penny on anything NHL related since the Coyotes debacle began back in 2010. I decided to boycott the NHL until Bettman was gone. This lockout/strike, however, has extended that boycott indefinitely.

"I have a terribly difficult time empathizing with billionaire's screaming they aren't getting a big enough slice of the pie!

"I have a difficult time empathizing with millionaire's claiming they aren't getting a fair shake and then flying over to Europe/Russia to take the food out of someone's else mouth (i.e.: See Crosby's comments...*gag*)!

"I don't have a difficult time empathizing with the arena workers, janitors, concessions stand operators, taxi cab drivers, heck...even the scalper's somewhat. You know the people who will actually feel the financial burden because of this lockout/strike.

"Shame on the owners, who are incredibly greedy and don't care for the great game!

"Shame on the players, who are incredibly out of touch with the world we live in and simply strive for ridiculous wages!"

That call to boycott games and NHL merchandise is echoed in another video posted over the weekend, The Lockout Song. Calgary ophthalmologist wrote Arun Lakra wrote new lyrics, from a frustrated NHL fan's point of view, to the tune of Jason Mraz's I'm Yours

So, have you picked a side? Who's to blame for the lockout?

(This survey is not scientific. Results are based on readers' responses.)

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