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September Photo Contest: Black & White

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Sept. 26

Today's photo contest pick features an artfully lit, relaxed looking feline in black and white. It was sent to the CBC Community by Kathleen McHarg of Verdun, QC.

"One of our friends that we watched over," writes Kathleen in the caption. "We gave her food, water and care. We called her Bella her owners call her Dusty."

The photo was taken by David Berry and it's a gorgeous one. Thanks for sharing, Kathleen!

Sept. 25

Today's photo contest pick comes to us from Patrick Lahai in Douglas, NB. He calls it "Someday My Prince will come."

"After a long day of Frog Hunting, she thought it was time to settle down," writes Lahai of this charming portrait.

We love the spirit of of this photo, which reminds of how much simple fun can be found outdoors at this time of year. Happy frog catching!

Sept. 24

"I took this picture with a friend of mine, as I was trying to get a self portrait of me looking at the moon and downtown Fredericton," wrote Ahmed Dassouki of Frederiction, NB. "It's worthy to note that I'm lit only by the moon."

Ahmed's photo caught our eye for many reasons. We love the unconventional portrait format, the spotlight effect of the moon's light, and the gorgeous view of downtown Fredericton reflected against the water.

Most of all, we love how Ahmed punctuates a very dark photo with bright points of light to provide interest and balance. Beautiful work! Thanks for sharing Ahmed.

Sept. 21

The title of this image is, "Broken." It was sent to us by CBC Your News Community member Leanne Pacheco of Calgary, Alberta..

The photo immediately caught our attention because it feels like there must be a mysterious story behind it, or like a single frame from a movie. What is the woman in the classy dress doing in this broken down home?

Maybe Leanne will write us back and let us know the story behind the picture!

Sept. 20

Matthew Webb of Corner Brook, NL sent us this neat piece of street photography through his CBC Your News community profile.

In the photo's description, Matthew writes that he captured this cool high voltage sign on film, in true black and white fashion. No digital tricks here, just pure, simple, photographic talent.

Nicely done, Matthew. We love the photos you submit.

Sept. 19

Today's photo contest pick comes from Lexus Gordon in Hillsdale, ON.

"My cousin experiencing what its like to be around horses," wrote Lexus in the caption of this submission.

Titled "A soft touch," this picture captures a very sweet moment beautifully in black and white. Thanks for sharing it with us Lexus!

Sept. 18

Colleen Chartrand sent us this photo called "A tisket, a tasket," through her CBC Community Your News Profile.

A Halifax resident, Chartrand tells us, "The days are numbered for these bicycles to attract the adventurous tourists!"

We like how the black and white perspective emphasizes the textures on the baskets and the tires.  The repetition of the bikes all in a row gives them a statue-like effect.

Sept. 17
Regular photo contest contributor Edward Kennedy sent us this photo called "A Whale of a tail" through his CBC Community Your News Profile.

Kennedy, who hails from Richmond Hill Ontario, took this photo while whale watching in the pacific.

It can go without saying that this shot is beautiful, from subject to consturction to execution. Great photo, Edward!

Sept. 14

"Jumping the Cars!" wrote Emily Taylor in her submission for this month's black and white photo contest.

Taken in Calgary, Alberta, this piece is titled "Monster Truck."

Nice work, Emily! This shot couldn't have been easy to get and it was well worth your efforts.

Sept. 13

This photo, sent to us by Donald MacDonald-Ross, was taken at Algonquin Park, Ontario -- in 1962!

"My older brother, sister, and I entranced by a glider. From an early age we were taught to dream," wrote Donald in the photo's description.

We were thrilled to receive a real, vintage black & white photo submission for this month's contest. It's a great image and we're certain it brings back many fond memories for Donald and his family members.

Thanks for sharing it!

Sept. 12

CBC Community member Ryan Beker sent us this photo of a train trestle from his Your News profile. It was taken in Edmonton.

We love the elements depth and perspective in this photograph, but what impresses us most about it is the way that it was produced.

"Photo of train trestle taken the old fashioned way," wrote Ryan in his submission. "on film."

Sept. 11

This photo, called "B&W Skateboarding" comes to us from Keir Matthews-Hunter with the caption "Some snaps of some friends skateboarding on a warm autumn afternoon in Regina, SK."

Perhaps more than any other so far, this image reminds us of autumn. It's sunny outside, but cool enough for a long sleeve shirt, the location resembles a school, and the reflection of a barren tree on the building proves that winter is on the way.

Beautiful shot, Keir. Let's all go outside!

Sept. 10

"September is a time of change," writes subject and photographer Paige Nicks. "Like September I, too, Change."

Paige sent us this photo from London, Ontario through her CBC Your News profile.

We love the way she's used hair and makeup as a metaphor for change. Paige shows both strong technical and artistic skills with this photo, managing to hit our theme from multiple angles.

Thanks for sharing this powerful image with us, Paige!

Sept 7

Today's photo was submitted by Kara Selke, and is titled The Dinghy. The photo shows a boat "tied up off the dock of one of my favourite places," writes Kara.

Black and white photos tend to magnify a single aspect, feature or emotion, and in this case the calm waters are all we can think about when looking at the photo. The light reflected from the water's surface gradually darkens as we get closer to the foreground, echoing the dark abyss as you go deeper underwater.

We also love the serenity of the boat, surrounded by no one and nothing but nature. Of course, why is the boat the only evidence of humans on in the shot? Makes us think about more than one horror film scenario from the boat house...

Thanks for the photo submission, Kara!

Sept 6

Today's photo comes to us via the #CBCSeptemberPhotoContest hashtag on Instagram.

Taken by Instagram member elias99, this beautiful shot was captured in Baishawan, Taiwan.

We were drawn to its strong graphic shapes and interesting perspective right away. Spend a few moments looking at the sky behind this structure, the texture of the stone it's made from and the well-used range of black, white and grey within this photo

Black and white photography at its finest -- on an iPhone at that!

Sept 5

Our first photo contest pick for the month of September comes to us from Cindie Martin in Dunnville, Ontario.

"The hands of Gertrude and her great grand children on her 90th Birthday!" writes Cindy in the description under the photo, which she has named Generations.

Cindie's photo was chosen because it presents a perfect example of black & white photography done well.

The balance between dark and bright really make the image pop. Even the most delicate curves of the hands and arms are highlighted with light, contoured with shadow. We also love the beautiful message and content.

Thanks for the submission, Cindie! You've set the bar high.

About the September Photo contest

For many Canadians, September is a time of transition: from shorts to pants, from swimsuits to backpacks, from days leisure to days of hectic mornings and homework-filled nights.

It's also a month that falls straight between the winter and summer solstices.

September is also the most moderate month in many places, striking the perfect balance between hot and cold, dark and light.

In the spirit of that sense of balance, we decided to make this month's photo contest theme all about Black and White photography. (MORE)

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