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9-year-old rapper denounces saggy jeans with 'Pull Ya Pants Up' video

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It's not only teachers and grandparents who take up issue with the low-slung, baggy pant styles some young men like to wear.

Nine-year-old Amor 'Lilman' Artega hates the long-running trend so much that he's written an entire song called Pull Ya Pants Up to denounce it - and if the positive response he's received for it online so far is any indication, he's not alone.

"It's disrespectful showing your butt off," said Amor, a Grade 4 student from Flatbush, Brooklyn to the New York Daily News. "I'm always seeing boys, girls, rappers, singers -- everyone is sagging out."

Barack Obama made a similar statement in 2008, saying that young men "should pull up their pants. You're walking by your mother, your grandmother, and your underwear is showing."

Amor said he was inspired to write the song with his father, Juan, after Juan scolded him for running around a playground with his jeans drooping below his hips.

The father-son duo spent most of this past summer producing a music video to go along with the song. The video, which stars Amor and features many shots of men in New York wearing saggy pants, was posted to YouTube last month.

The aspiring rapper is joined by Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz in the video's intro when he says "This [is] for all the people that think sagging is cool. Juts pull just 'em up! I'm getting tired of seeing all these dirty underwear when I'm walking down the street. Pull 'em up!"

Are there any street fashion trends you'd love to see eliminated? How far would you go to get your message across?

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