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Olympic athletes sleep through their alarm clocks

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 Two young athletes set to make their Olympic debuts slept through their morning alarms this week. (iStock) For most athletes, a chance to compete in the Olympic Games is dream come true - but on the morning of British weightlifter Jack Oliver's Olympic debut, that dream became a nightmare when he slept through his alarm.

"I was meant to be up at six o'clock, go downstairs and have a nice pre-weigh-in shower and a bit of a stretch," Oliver told the Reuters Wednesday.

Instead, the 21-year-old athlete awoke to banging on his door at 7:05 a.m.

Fortunately, he was able to toss his clothes on in less than a minute and catch a later bus to London's ExCel arena.

Oliver arrived in time for his pre-competition weigh-in and went on to set a new personal best of 310 kg.

"The extra hour of sleep must have done me good," he reportedly said.

Australia's Althea Sedgman made a similar mad dash to her first event on Saturday morning.

The 18-year-old shooter said she missed her 5 a.m. alarm on the first day of competition in London, waking up at 6:15 a.m. with only 10 minutes to spare before her bus left the athletes village.

"'I just went run, run, run ... I slept straight through my alarm. I've never done that before, I'm an idiot," she told the Sydney Morning Herald, crediting her roommate Lauryn Mark for the late wake-up call.

Sedgman arrived at the Royal Artillery Barracks on time for the womens's 10m air rifle event, but missed her chance at a gold medal by 10 points.

"I wanted to shoot a [personal best] and I didn't, but I'm pretty satisfied. I could have let the nerves get to me but I didn't.''

The Herald reports that both Sedgman and fellow Australian Robyn van Nus missed the eight-competitor final.

Did you ever miss, or nearly miss, an important event because you slept through your alarm? We'd love to read your stories in the comments below.

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