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YouTube stars join forces in viral complaint parody

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YouTube sensation Jenna Marbles calls a mock complaints office to snap at the YouTube Receptionist, played by Laura McDonald (Barely Political/YouTube)

If you spend enough time on YouTube to consider yourself a member of the community, you're probably familiar with many of the website's biggest stars.

YouTube users like the Gregory Brothers, who auto-tune the news, and comedian Jenna Marbles have thousands of fans - so it's only natural that a video starring them and other high-profile users would go viral.

Online comedy group Barely Political posted the YouTube Complaints video on Saturday, and it has already been viewed over 800,000 times.

The four-minute sketch is all about common grievances of YouTube users, who are a colourful bunch if the video is any indication, and how a professional complaints office might field their questions.


A series of characters storm the office or phone in to sound off about everything from the click counter to negative comments.

Several other well-known users are parodied, like the North Carolina father who responded to his daughter's disrespectful Facebook post by shooting her laptop and putting the video on YouTube.

Certain types of users, like those who mislabel their videos to get clicks, are also lampooned.

Did you see the humour in the spoof? Would you like to see YouTube stars collaborate on more projects?

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