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What would you do with 'good deed' money from a millionaire?

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If a stranger with deep pockets told you to pay it forward, would you hesitate? (iStock)

It's not everyday that a mysterious millionaire approaches you with a cash-stuffed envelope to spend as you see fit - but Sunday was no ordinary day for 10 Britons.

The recipients were handed a card that read: "You are lucky. You have been personally selected to participate in our exciting new project. £1000 is yours, to spend on something good."

Good is the operative word, as the unidentified millionaire hopes to challenge people to pay it forward.

"I didn't want to just pass on my luck, I also wanted to share the responsibility," he told the Sunday Telegraph, who was invited to tag along with him on the condition of maintaining his anonymity.

Mr. Lucky, as the paper dubbed him, said he gets a kick out of bringing people "into the loop" as it gives him more bang for his buck.

Sunday's handout was a particularly big one. The generous businessman normally hands out £1,000 (or $1, 580 Cdn) in a day to one person.To date he has disbursed roughly £100,000.

The Telegraph reports that Mr. Lucky earned his fortune working for an insurance company abroad. He left that job last year, but not before earning "more money than he knew what to do with."

"I booked myself a flight into space," he said, explaining his original plans for his money. But conversations with charitable friends changed his mind.

"Their ideas were much more generous, interesting and responsible than mine."

When asked if he minds losing control of his money, Mr. Lucky said sometimes "you have to just believe in people."

The reporter accompanied Mr. Lucky said he received a variety of reactions, "from the stunned to the suspicious to the simply delighted."

One recipient pledged to give money to a hospice. Another wanted to turn the hot water back on for a struggling neighbour. A third needed the cash for her severely ill husband.

How would you react if you were handed $1, 580 Cdn and a card asking you to spend it on something good? Would you be tempted to keep all or a portion of it for yourself? (Be honest!)

(This survey is not scientific. Results are based on readers' replies.)

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