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Reaction to petition to return Omar Khadr to Canada

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An online petition to bring Omar Khadr to Canada from his prison in Guantanamo Bay has attracted nearly 19,500 signatures as of Thursday morning.

Liberal Senator Roméo Dallaire set up the petition on last week, calling on Public Safety Minister Vic Toews to honour the plea deal made with the former child soldier and return the Canadian citizen to his family in Toronto.

Our story yesterday about the petition attracted a lot of attention, too. Although most of the highest rated comments were from people willing to sign a petition to keep Khadr out of Canada. These comments sparked debate in the CBC Community

  • "Personally, I don't want him back here," said Flyonthewall59.

  • "It's not about 'wanting' him back. It's not about whatever he calls 'home.' It's about criminal justice. Why should American tax payers be forced to pay for his maintenance?" replied Ms ColdCanada.

  • "Because it was the Americans who charged and sentenced him, not to mention that it is justice for an American soldier. Why should Canadian taxpayers be forced to pay for his maintenance?" replied As I See It.

  • "This government doesn't listen to the people, just its own ideology! Don't expect him back to Canada any time soon!" said LarryLeft.

  • "I find it rather repugnant, but not surprising, that the mainstream CBC commenters would openly support a terrorist that has willingly and purposefully taken up arms against the very country that gave him and his family sanctuary, comfort, security and a good life," said Vinelli.

  • "I find it rather repugnant that you would turn it around to suggest people are supporting terrorism, when what they are supporting is international law and asking the prime minister to keep his word!" replied widman.

  • "The Supreme Court of Canada determined in 2010 that Khadr's charter rights have been violated and that the Canadian government has an obligation to rectify the situation. The government's continued approach to thumb its nose at the SCOC is indicative of how selectively the government approaches law & order," said Xanadudo.

  • "Even if his charter rights were deemed to have been violated, that doesn't mean he's absolved for killing a young husband and father while fighting with terrorists against our allies. It doesn't mean the Americans don't have the right to prosecute him for killing one of their young medics," replied shrekk.

  • "The death of the young father is tragic but so are the thousands and thousands of deaths during wartime. This is not just about one man. It's about the tragedy of war and the thousands upon thousands of innocent people who lose their lives," replied  p.s.longley.

Thank you, as always, for following our coverage. Please feel free to comment on or challenge any of these points and continue the conversation below.

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