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Nic Cage email blunder brings Canadian student job offers and internet fame

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With competition for summer jobs at an all-time high, students are often advised to make their resumes stand out from the pack.

20-year-old Vanessa Hojda certainly managed to make an impression with her application for a summer position at York University - just not quite the one she had been meaning to.

 A Canadian student job seeker's hilarious email blunder is bringing plenty of attention -- and employment offers her way. (Vanessa Hojda /

"I accidentally sent my potential future boss a picture of Nic Cage rather than my cover letter & resume," wrote the 20-year-old Toronto woman in all caps on her Tumblr blog this week. "OH MY GOD."

Hojda, a psychology major at York, explained that the filename for a photo of actor Nicolas Cage was similar to a zip file containing her resume and coverletter -- 8765i.jpg.

Without realizing it, she accidentally attached the Cage photo sent it to a hiring manager at her school's career centre.

A screenshot attached to the now-viral Tumblr post drives home exactly how ridiculous the outgoing email appeared.

"I've attached my resume and cover letter for your consideration," ends the text, directly above Nicolas Cage's wide-eyed, maniacally grinning face.

Instead of lamenting her chances, Hojda decided to have a sense of humor about the mixup and share it with friends online.

More than 56,000 Tumblr reblogs and countless tweets later, Hojda is an international web celebrity.

"It's been a weird day," she told the Washington post, noting that she had already received two job offers through Facebook. "The whole thing got my name out there."

As for the position she had applied for, well, the hiring manager wasn't as entertained by Hojda's blunder as the rest of the internet.

"She said, 'Vanessa, all I see is a picture of Nic Cage looking terrifying...she was probably thinking, 'She can't even get the attachment right.'"

Hojda didn't get the job, but she appears to have learned a valuable lesson.

Her resume's filename now reads "thisisyourresumethisisnotapictureofnicolascage." according to TIME, and the photo of Cage has been deleted.

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