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Does this ad make travelling the U.S. more appealing?

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Several stunning landscapes are featured in the new Discover America campaign. (YourDiscoverAmerica/YouTube)

The new Discover America campaign portrays the United States as a softer, gentler country -- one that prides itself on stunning urban and natural landscapes as well as a robust cultural mosaic.

Gone is the loud nationalism often associated with the U.S., and in its stead Roseanne Cash sings a folksy rendition of Land of Dreams.

Some say the spot has a distinctly Canadian feel, an observation struck a chord with many CBC readers.

  • "When I first saw this commercial I assumed it was a tourism promotion for Canada, I was quite surprised to find out it was for the U.S. There was no flag waving, chest thumping, fighter jets screaming overhead or a McDonalds in sight." - Parkintheditch
  • "Same. Thought was an ad for the Maritimes or something with that song." - Donilles
  • "I also thought this was a Canadian ad. It is strikingly similar to the Ontario tourism commercial from a couple of years ago. So copying other ad campaigns is an American ad agency 'putting their shoulder into it'?" - d.advocate

Others said they'd love to see more of Canada, but that its often easier to head south of the border -- or even abroad.
  • "Canada is a beautiful place and I'd love to see more of it...but with vacation time so rare in North American culture, and with such ridiculously expensive flights in Canada . . . I'd rather just fly anywhere else." - Here to Think
  • "If you want me to travel in Canada, don't make it more expensive for me to fly to Vancouver than to Paris." - mia1965
  • "It's just too expensive to travel in Canada. The price of gas, of food in a restaurant, paying $6 for a beer in a bar. If you need to fly you can do a week in an all-inclusive resort cheaper than you can fly to BC ... I would like to see more of Canada but my vacation dollar just goes so much farther anywhere else." - DrRajah

A few readers were skeptical of the campaign's authenticity, as this image of the U.S. didn't ring true for them.

  • "They're not actually going to do anything to change their culture. They're just going to spread a lot of lies to change their image. Typical." - FredWilliams
  • "Haha, if you go to the States based on that commercial spot, you're in for a wild surprise." - VerbTheAdjectiveNoun

Where did you go on your last vacation? If you had to choose, would you rather travel within the U.S. or Canada? Which states or provinces would you visit and why?

  (This survey is not scientific. Results are based on reader's replies.)

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