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CBC's Eli Glasner on reviewing films, reading other critics

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Welcome to July installment of Ask CBC News!

This month, CBC viewer Olena Decock of Toronto, Ont. submitted a video question to CBC's Eli Glasner.

About Eli Glasner

 Eli Glasner. (CBC)Eli Glasner is an arts reporter and film critic who reports on CBC radio, television and also writes for the CBC News website.

His film reviews, which range from the enthusiastic to the scathing, are a weekly feature on CBC News Network and several local radio shows. He has interviewed a wide range of personalities, from Daniel Radcliffe to Anthony Daniels (C3PO).

Glasner has been covering Canadian culture for over a decade. He hosted the two-part summer radio program Projector and has contributed to many other shows including Definitely Not The Opera, The World this Weekend and The Business Report.

Eli Glasner received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film with a focus on screenwriting from York University. His favourite films are Brazil, Baraka and Brick - and that's just the Bs.

You can read his full bio here and follow him on Twitter @glasneronfilm

How to submit a question

The Ask CBC News project was set up to make it easier for you to ask questions and get answers from the CBC News team, journalists across Canada and around the world.

As part of our ongoing effort to increase transparency and engage with our readers, we are collecting your questions about how we gather and report the news.

Visit the original post to learn how to submit your question.


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