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CBC readers split on Justin Trudeau's leadership potential

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Liberal MP Justin Trudeau openly mused about running for Liberal party leadership at the Calgary Stampede on Saturday. Trudeau is seen here holding his son Xavier, 4, while his wife Sophie Gregoire (left) carries his daughter Ella Grace, 3. (Jeff McIntosh/Canadian Press)

Liberal MP Justin Trudeau will spend the coming weeks contemplating a run at party leadership.

Trudeau revealed his summer plans at the Calgary Stampede over the weekend, but added that he will not make his final decision public until the end of the season.

"Am I the right person for the job?" he wondered aloud at the event. "Can I manage to be a good father while being a good leader and eventually a good prime minister?"

Many CBC readers were enthusiastic about the prospect of having Trudeau take the reins.

  • "All I know is, since Justin entered politics many people I know who haven't voted in over a decade proclaim their desire to vote will return when Justin Trudeau is running for Prime Minister as the Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. " - AlbertaMama
  • "Justin is the complete opposite of Harper. Competent, honest and hope for your children's future. He's got my vote." - RomeoCostello

Others were less enthused, and called his credentials into question.

  • "Justin Trudeau simply does not have the smarts to be a political leader. He trips over his own words repeatedly ... The thought of Justin Trudeau in a debate with Mulcair and Harper is not reassuring. The thought of a Prime Minister Justin Trudeau negotiating on behalf of Canadians with other world leaders does not inspire confidence." - sealag
  • "Liberals are so desperate for anything resembling a hope that they're trying to imprint some qualities on a political lightweight that he clearly doesn't possess." - LarryRight

It is a well-known fact that the Montreal MP is the son of former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, but it isn't clear if that affiliation is a strike for or against him.

  • "The name does not make the man." - no.con.troll
  • "What kind of work has he ever done, how did he support himself before his current position. He does not understand the working class, he is riding on his fathers name." - Sgt.Pepper
  • "He's not his father that much is for sure, but he is better than all the other choices in my opinion. I'd vote Liberal and give him a chance." - Socialistboy
  • "Gee, if I changed my last name to Trudeau would I stand a chance of being Canada's next crime minister? I think not! Best he just put away any thoughts of running and let a more mature person to run for that position. There has to be more than a name to be elected. No?" - victorbasil
  • "That's an ironic statement, isn't it? You've just totally discounted him based on his name. Try a little research on his history as an MP." - Druid126
  • "Justin Trudeau has my support. I am not familiar with his father however the polls indicate he was one of Canada's best PMs." - OntarioMatters

But the lines weren't always clear-cut. Some readers who seemed open to voting Liberal, for instance, were not ready to throw their support behind Trudeau. Many said he simply needs more time to develop his potential.

  • "Mr. Trudeau needs more experience before tackling the job. Good future candidate though." - Windie
  • "I have voted Liberal several times in the past, but I'm not going to take a leap in the dark with an inexperienced new leader. If the Liberal party wants to survive, there must be better options than this neophyte with no achievements except winning his riding in Quebec and beating Senator Brazeau in the boxing ring." - Jasper Jellicoe
  • "I do not see at all how he is better than all the other choices. Marc Garneau for example is an extremely well respected and intelligent man. What gives Trudeau an edge over him? Looks and name recognition? No thanks." - leppylep
  • "Yes I would vote for Justin ... however as mentioned in some earlier posts, I do strongly believe that Justin needs to be mentored a bit longer before he takes a run for leadership. Learning the ropes in Ottawa today takes some doing. At this point in time the liberals would fair better with someone like Marc Garneau." - Ye-Olde-timer

A new Liberal leader will be chosen in the first half of 2013, following former leader Michael Ignatieff's resignation in the wake of the party's disastrous showing in last year's federal election.

Interim party leader Bob Rae has already announced he won't run.

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