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CBC readers share touching Canada Day photos and stories

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The CBC Community has once again dazzled us with heartfelt stories and stunning images in response to our Canada Day call-out.

Readers at home and abroad sent us photographs of tranquil landscapes, encounters with wildlife and bouquets of fireworks exploding in the sky.

We also got to read some great stories by people who did something a little different for Canada's 145th birthday -- like Loreta Serafini, who decided to visit Canada's first prime minister.

"While travelling on the highway that bears his name, I decided to visit the grave of Sir John A. Macdonald," she wrote, adding that it wasn't an easy thing to do without signs pointing the way.

When she finally found her way, Loreta was struck by the late leader's humble resting place, which included a "small sign and then this rather non-assuming gravestone."

"How Canadian is that?" she remarked, noting that the simple stone marker had been the great man's request.

Calvin NCube of Mississauga, Ont. also wrote a reflection, which ended: "A hundred and forty five years does make us smile, but one more year every year will make us prouder."

Another stand-out story came to us from Sara Sadri, who wrote what she called a "nostalgic letter to Canada on Canada Day."

"Canada feels like home. It is my adopted home, and yet, it is my sweetest home," Sara wrote in her reflection.

Sara also shared a pet peeve. She said she is often seen as un-Canadian by those outside the country because she was not born in Canada.

"It was rather uplifting my soul when my 'natural-born' Canadian partner wrote for me: 'Don't worry! Canadians think you are Canadian!'"

We invite you to view the full Canada Day gallery, and comment directly on readers' stories.

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