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Your Photos: Aboriginal Day 2012

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Earlier in the week, we asked the CBC Community to send us their pictures of festivals, celebrations and activities to commemorate this year's Aboriginal Day. We received many fantastic photos, and some heartwarming stories to go along with them.

So without further ado, here's your gallery for Aboriginal Day 2012.

aboriginalday-sandrab-03-480.jpgSandra Bradbury sent a series of photographs of Dene Drummers on the Yellowknife River.

aboriginalday-sandrab-05-480.jpg"Dene Drummers show off their talents. So proudly they sang," writes Sandra.

aboriginalday-madeleineq-01-480.jpg"For our celebrations I was happy to see one of our elders using his sealskin jacket and his motorbike!" writes Madeleine Qumuatuq, who sent in this picture titled "Modern and old."

aboriginalday-priscillal-03-480.jpg"Elder and expert bannock maker, Maggie Sikyea, teaching her niece the fine art of putting together the right ingredients for an award winning bannock-on-a-stick dough." (Submitted by Priscilla Lepine)

aboriginalday-priscillal-02-480.jpg"Bannock-on-a-stick, a northern favourite, provides a space for community members to come together to share impromptu conversation around a fire." (Submitted by Priscilla Lepine)

By the way, is bannock your choice for Canada's most iconic food? Vote here.

aboriginalday-leahm-01-480.jpgLeah Mandeville sent us this picture of herself: "In Metis Ribbon dress with handmade Metis sash at Aboriginal Day festivities in Yellowknife at the Somba K'e Park."

aboriginalday-laurawb-01-480.jpgLaura Wolsey-Brown from Inuvik, N.W.T. sent in this adorable picture called "A young girl's first Aboriginal Day." We're sure it was one to remember!

Thanks to everyone who submitted their pictures. You can still send your photos, videos and stories from Aboriginal Day 2012: just click here for rules and submission guidelines. We always look for new photos to feature on the Editor's Picks section of the CBC Community homepage, as well.

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