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Would you eat pizza from a vending machine?

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 The Let's Pizza vending machine promises a freshly made pizza in less than three minutes. (Facebook)
Why wait 30 minutes for a freshly made pizza when you can get one in less than three?

Let's Pizza, a vending machine that promises pizza from scratch in just 2½ minutes, is coming to North America.

The machine, invented in Italy and a success in the U.K., "kneads the dough, forms a round, adds tomato sauce, layers toppings - and then bakes it all in front of your very eyes," according to its website.

In the U.K., customers can choose from three styles, including:
  • Margherita (crust, tomato sauce, cheese).
  • Pepperoni (crust, tomato sauce, cheese and pepperoni).
  • Ham (crust, tomato sauce, cheese and boiled ham).

There, each 10-inch thin-crust pizza contains "top quality Italian ingredients" and comes served on a resealable tray with cutlery, salt, oregano and oil.

But "it is possible to create any kind of pizza - meat, fish, vegetarian, any kind," Ronald Rammers, CEO of A1 Concepts, which distributes the Let's Pizza, told the trade website Pizza Marketplace.

"We also receive requests for kosher pizzas and pizzas that meet the requirements for Muslims," Rammers said. "All options are open. Each machine offers four different pizzas." In the U.S., pizzas are expected to cost about $6.

Italian inventor and pasta factory owner Claudio Torghele said he was inspired to build the machine after seeing a high demand for healthy Mediterranean cuisine, served quickly, during a trip to Los Angeles.

Let's Pizza's Facebook page shows franchise requests from Nova Scotia, Oklahoma, Colorado and Egypt.

For now, A1 Concepts will open U.S. headquarters in Atlanta this fall, according to Pizza Marketplace. Machines will follow soon thereafter.

Would you eat pizza from a vending machine? Why or why not? What is the most inventive vending machine treat you've ever tried? Share your comments and stories in the field below.

(This survey is not scientific. Results are based on readers' responses.)

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