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Suit of armour hoodie crashes Etsy shop

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 (Chadwick J. Dillion / /

When Chadwick J. Dillon posted his homemade suit-of-armour hoodie online, he was looking to make a few sales - not to take a battle axe to the very shop he posted it to!

"Joust, battle Saxons, high five a SunBro, or just rock around town in this modern plate armour," Dillon wrote in a listing for the item on the online marketplace Etsy. "The Grey Knight has proven valour and his cause is just. Wear this armour and show your quality."

 (Chadwick J. Dillion / /

Within hours of being posted to Tumblr, photos of the garment went viral online. Readers went wild, blogging, tweeting, reposting and rushing to purchase one for themselves.

The hoodie, which Gawker describes as a "hipster knight's dream come true," was so overwhelmingly popular, however that Dillion has had to suspend his Etsy shop until further notice.

"Due to the overwhelming response to the Grey Knight Armored Hoodie, I have had to temporarily suspend my shop until I sort out my communication errors," the Flint, Mich., native wrote. "Evidently, when several hundred people message you within a few hours, Etsy will cut off the seller's conversations. Please bear with me as I work out these problems."

In the meantime, demand suggests Dillion could find himself with at the centre of a bidding war for the limited-edition item.

 (Chadwick J. Dillion / /

Would you wear the suit of armour hoodie? Why or why not? If so, how much would you pay for it?

Poll: How much would you pay for a limited-edition suit of armour hoodie?

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