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Student brings 35-foot-long cheat sheet into exam, gets expelled

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si_cheatsheet_istock.jpgNerve-wracked students often go to extremes around exam time - marathon library sessions, expensive study guides, cheating - but one young man has taken test preparedness to an entirely new level.

According to the Austrian Times, a highschool student in Kazakhstan printed out a chain of paper filled with more than 25,000 potential test answers and wrapped it around his body before taking a university entrance exam.

Shortly after he entered the examination room, university officials discovered the 35-foot-long cheat sheet wrapped around the student's body.

Officials told the Austrian times that they had noticed him fiddling inside his clothing before the test began.

The student has been expelled according to the education authority.

"If he'd put half as much effort into studying as he did into cheating he would have sailed through the exam with a distinction," said education authority spokesman Bolatzhan Uskenbayev to the Austrian Times. "It's a pity too see all that work come to nothing but he cheated, and that's not allowed."

Do you know anyone who's cheated on an exam and got away with it? What's do you do to prepare for tests? Let us know what you think in the comment section!

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