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Should teenagers be banned from tanning salons?

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Tanning salons across Canada are allowing teens to tan without their parents' consent, according to a CBC News test. Voluntary industry guidelines ban tanning sessions for consumers under the age of 18.

 Nova Scotia has a ban on teens tanning and B.C. is planning one in the fall. (iStock) (iStock)Teenage girls in six cities -- Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Hamilton, Windsor and St. John's -- were asked by CBC News to go to salons and ask if they could have a tanning session. They did not reveal their ages unless asked.

In 20 out of 31 cases -- about 65 per cent of the time -- the teenagers were allowed into the tanning room. In those cases, the girls did not use the tanning beds.

Nova Scotia is the only province with age restrictions on the use of tanning beds, banning those under 19 from using them. B.C. is bringing in regulations in the fall to restrict tanning bed use for consumers under 18. 

Victoria passed a bylaw against indoor tanning for those under 18 in 2011. New Brunswick has voluntary guidelines that keep kids out of tanning salons.

A private member's bill is now before the Ontario legislature that would ban teens under 18 from tanning beds.

Manitoba has opted for new regulations allowing teenagers to use tanning beds with parental consent, taking effect on June 15.

The Canadian Paediatric Society says industry guidelines and provincial laws are not enough and is urging a nationwide ban.

Should there be a federal law banning teens from tanning salons? Should such a law allow parents to give their consent?

(This survey is not scientific. Results are based on readers' responses.)

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