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Semi-cooked squid inseminates woman's mouth

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 Let this story be a lesson: When biting into a semi-cooked squid, be sure to remove its spermatophores! (iStock)A South Korean woman got a nasty surprise after the semi-cooked squid she bit into squirted semen pouches into her tongue, cheeks and gums.

The 63-year-old woman had just taken a bite of squid when she felt "severe pain in her oral cavity," according to researchers in the department of environmental medical biology at the Kwandong University College of Medicine.

Though she spat the mouthful out immediately, the woman continued to feel a "pricking and foreign-body sensation," the researchers said, and so went to the hospital.

There, doctors discovered she had "12 small, white spindle-shaped, bug-like organisms stuck in the mucous membrane of the tongue, cheek and gingival (gums)," according to New Zealand's Stuff website.

At first, doctors thought the organisms were parasites because they were still moving during the examination, Stuff reported Friday.

They later concluded the organisms were squid spermatophores, the semen sacks that male squid transfer to female squid to impregnate them.

The research was originally published in the American Society of Parasitologists Journal of Parasitology in February.

Have you ever taken a bite of something that you regretted immediately? One member of the Community team, for example, once bit into an edamame pod only to discover it contained some sort of squirming larva. Another once took a big gulp of milk - sour milk, it turned out.

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