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Reaction to report on the 'failed' war on drugs

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We at the CBC Community Desk know that drug laws and legalization is a popular topic of discussion among our audience.

We also know largely where the CBC Community stands on the issue, at least as far as our unscientific polls can tell us. In our most recent poll on marijuana legalization, nearly 95 per cent voted in favour of it.

A story yesterday (and a follow-up story today) reported that the Global Commission on Drug Policy says that the war on drugs has not slowed the use of drugs and is, in fact, fueling the global HIV/AIDS epidemic.

The highest rated comments agreed with the study's findings  

  • "'The war on drugs is a failure.' What more do you need to say? Harper even says the same. Yet we continue this folly and expect things will get better. Well they are getting worse, time to smarten up and start by legalizing cannabis for adults. It's 2012, it's time," said j from Earth.
  • "The 'war on alcohol' was a failure. After more than a decade of increasing violence, increasing political and judicial corruption, and increasing organized crime, both the Canadian and American governments finally conceded it was a failure and once again legalized alcohol. So why are both governments, thinking that this 'war on other drugs' will be a success? Insanity is repeating the same action, but expecting a different result," said Rougvaldr.

  • "Sometimes the right decision is not the popular decision. Responsible, thoughtful, and logical governments understand this. Populist governments do not and never will. Canada needs to review its drug laws, and take a hard look at the lack of rehabilitation options for many addicts," said Captainlargefingers.

  • "Anyone who thinks for one second that the war on drugs helps more people than it hurts is so ignorant it makes my head spin. It is so obvious it doesn't work and is a massive waste of our public resources. The only people for the war on drugs are politicians too cowardly to take a stand (even though I believe the majority would support them) and those who profit from current drug laws. I don't approve of some of the harder drugs, but weed? Come on! For harder drugs trafficking should be a crime but why should small possession be one?" said msg321.

But there were several commenters on our stories that support the current drug laws.

  • "I am glad the government is not going to back down. Just say no to drugs. The moment we let drugs be lawfully and readily available, then we'll have a society doing downhill real fast," said CheekMonk.

  • "So what the report is saying is that government should legalize, for example, cocaine, just to help those who are already addicted to it? How about those who have never tried it but may try it now because it's legal? If the war on drugs has failed, you think drug awareness programs have worked? What if people don't listen or don't care to be lectured to?" said LeftistLiars.

  • "The war on drugs hasn't failed, it just hasn't yet been done properly, and most of all consistently. When police crack down on guys with a little marijuana in their pocket, but stand by when a hundred potheads light up in a park, it breeds disrespect for the law, and invites more participation from the dealers. They see the opening and take it. Really nail the producers and dealers and the supply will dry up. Then the users will just move on to something else," said londonresident.

Thank you, as always, for following our coverage. Please feel free to comment on or challenge any of these points and continue the conversation below.

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