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June photo contest: Song (or shriek!) of the gull

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We'll be updating this gallery throughout the month with each day's photo pick. You'll be able to check out all this month's submissions at once!

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      June 4:

      Our first entry for the sound-themed month of June comes to us from CBC Your News community member Kristina Parchomchuk.

      She snapped this photo in the music-filled streets of Hsinchi, Tawain.

      "There are always dancers practicing in the underground passages," she writes. "Then, on the weekends they perform and you can hear the music from blocks away."

      Thanks for sharing this photo with us, Kristina! We love a great shot with a cool story.

      June 5:

      Here's a new angle on an old classic. Johnathan McCrae-Gibson sent us this photo of a guitar session out in British Columbia.

      Since this picture is Jonathan's first upload, he must be a new member of the CBC Community! We sure like the sound of that.

      Welcome Jonathan, and thanks for the great shot!

      June 6:

      "Snap, Crackle, Pop!" is the title of this photo, uploaded to the CBC Your News community by Tricia Mymko of Flin Flon, MB.

      "Our homemade candle on a nice summer evening," writes Tricia in the photo's description. We're sure it sounded, smelled and felt as great as it looks.

      Thanks for sharing this with us, Tricia!

      June 7:

      Imelda Darwish from Somerset, NS sends us this photo of her visiting nephew getting acquainted with a lawn mower.

      "The lawn mower is certainly a sound you will hear repeatedly during the summer," she writes. "Our nephew from Dubai is mowing for the first time in his life! He is really concentrating trying to make the turn. If he lived here, it would get easier after the next one thousand times!"

      A fun, and most definitely sound-filled moment to capture! Nice work, Imelda. Can you send him our way when he's finished?

      June 8:

      "I can just hear the sound of our 'Maple Leaf' flapping in a June breeze," writes Jan Wilson in the description of this photo she uploaded to the CBC Your News community.

      Taken June 6 in Lillooet, BC, this image reminds us of how beautiful our country's flag sounds flapping in the wind. It also proves how lovely the hills of B.C. are!

      Great snap, Jan!

      June 11:

      Sandy Maxted sent us a photo of this lovely summertime scene over the weekend from her CBC Your News Community profile.

      "Two little girls ran giggling past me on the beach, trying to get some gulls to take flight," she writes. "These habituated gulls were difficult to move."

      Is there any sweeter sound than the laughter of children at play? Waves against a beach, maybe. Sandy's got both covered here.

      June 12:

      Jean-Guy Pitre of Kingston, Ontario is the community member behind today's photo contest pick, titled What some call the 'Sound of Freedom'.

      "The RCAF CF-18 Demonstration Hornet performs at an Air Show at CFB Borden on June 10, 2012," he writes in the description. "Dedicated to the True North Strong and Free, the CF-18 has 10 unique stylized Snowflakes as well as Tail Art including Inuit Hunters and other Northern Canadian Icons."

      Very cool. We're sure it sounded just as intense as it looks!

      June 13:

      "Dancing Never Gets Old, Always in Tune to the Music" is the name of today's photo contest pick.

      B. Jay of Regina, Saskatchewan sent us this sweet shot from the CBC Your News Community.

      "While watching an outdoor concert these elderly folks dropped their canes and danced along in tune to all the great tunes," writes Jay. "It was so wonderful to see and hear!"

      We hope it warms all of your hearts as much as it's warmed ours. Thanks for sharing, B!

      June 14:

      Today's photo contest pick comes to us from Ron Proudfoot in Toronto, Ontario.

      He tells us that this cute little black bird was chirping away to protect his territory, hence the name of this photo "Summer Song Bird on a Wire."

      Birds are indeed a ubiquitous and most welcome June sound. We love this photo and the sounds we can imagine just looking at it! Nice one, Ron.

      June 15:

      Today's photo contest selection comes to us from Ric Hornsby of Manitoba.

      Now listen carefully: Ric captured the sound of a Monarch butterfly's wings in a picture he called "June comes fluttering by."

      The bright colours of the flower and the motion in the insect's delicate wings make for a stunning shot. Thanks for the sweet and subtle sound, Ric!

    June 18:

    Today's photo of the day comes from CBC community member Alicia Banfield, who sent us this vivid shot of crackling fire in her backyard.

    Alicia's photo reminds us of the sound of a summer bonfire. So put your feet up, enjoy the warmth and listen a favourite camp song or two.

June 19:

Today's photo comes from CBC Community member Michael O'Connor, who sent in this view of Raleigh Falls near Ignace, Ont.

While the falls look a little small for a tightrope walk anytime soon, the sound of the water crashing on the rocks and the current rushing towards our point of view always leaves behind an impression. Add to it a summer breeze passing through the foliage, as well as the bright sky in the background, and you have a striking picture of nature's hidden gems scattered all over Canada.

June 20:

Today's photo was submitted by Krystle Roberts. Titled Joyful Sounds, it shows the Salvation Army Brass Band from Springdale, N.L. playing at the Little Bay Islands, N.L.

Music is all about community and camaraderie, and this means even more for a band such as the Salvation Army Brass Band and its multiple chapters around the world. Thanks for sharing the tunes, Krystle!

June 21:

Today's photo comes from Brier Island, N.S. Shelley Veinot took this picture of a flock of seagulls chasing a small fishing boat while watching for whales.

"They must have been gutting fish & throwing it off the boat into to the water," she writes. "The horde of seagulls was making some happy sounds as they enjoyed the buffet!"

Several seaside sounds of the season hit us with this picture: the squawks of the seagulls, the fishing boat cutting through the water's surface, the calmer waves lapping at the shores, and the boat's horn wailing to let passersby know it's coming. Thanks for the submission!

June 22:

The CBC Community Team got a real hoot out of Justine Gage's photo, titled "Owl Extravaganza."

"I was at our local boathouse when I saw three owls sitting in the trees," writes Justine. "I took many pictures of them but the most amazing one that I captured was where the father owl fed its child. The momma owl was standing right behind her baby observing the scene."

There are few wildlife sounds more iconic than the hoot of an owl, but the sound of a whole family of them probably wins out. Thanks for the submission, Justine!

June 25:

You can practically hear the crackle of thunder in Jeff Harvey's photo, titled "Lighting up the Park."

Jeff says this "lightning storm [was] shot from the front porch." There's a real contrast between the quality of the cool light from the lightning and the warm lamps in the park. There's nothing like booming thunder storm to break up a June heatwave like we've had in southern Ontario.

Thanks for sending this in, Jeff!

June 26:

Ah, yes -- the cry of the gull. Few things are so distinct. (Some would say ear-splitting.)

But perhaps Isabelle Marozzo of Norland Ont., who uploaded this striking close-up, can appreciate the bird's cry. She did call her photo "Song of the gull."

That song, however shrill, is definitely a sound of the season! We can hear it all the way from here!

Thanks for great shot, Isabelle!

How to enter

We'll be posting your best shots each day in May. At the end of the month, we'll select five finalists and ask you to vote for your favourite.

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