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Hot air balloon marriage proposal has shocking ending

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 Is it a bad omen if the hot air balloon you propose in immediately hits electrical wires? (iStock)A woman in Indiana was given a shock - literally - after her boyfriend proposed to her during a hot air balloon ride.

Just minutes after she said 'yes,' the basket the couple was riding in made contact with power lines, knocking their pilot unconscious, CNN reported Thursday.

Police in Sellersburg, Ind., told CNN the woman accepted the proposal just as the balloon landed on a patch of overgrown grass. The pilot, Dallas Beall, tried to boost the balloon to get it out of the grass and land elsewhere. That's when it hit the wires, Major Chuck Adams of the Clark County sheriff's office told the network.

The shock knocked Beall unconscious. He apparently fell onto the woman, giving her a small shock as well.

The groom-to-be revived Beall with CPR. Adams told CNN that Beall and the bride-to-be were both treated for burns, but that their injuries were not expected to be life threatening.

How well did your marriage proposal go? Was it exactly how you pictured it would happen? Do you believe such a turn of events should be considered an omen, either good or bad? Share your thoughts and stories in the field below.

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