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Father's Day: Best lessons you learned from Dad

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Father's Day is Sunday, and with it comes the chance to update Dad's collection of ties, tools and golf tees.

But it's also a chance to reflect on the great things our fathers have done for us - the lessons taught or the advice given.

To help us celebrate Father's Day, we asked you to send us a favourite photo of you and and your dad together, or a 30-second video telling us why you think he's fantastic. We also put the call out on Twitter and Facebook.

Here are your stories and photos.

@kitchissippikid fathers day.png@waynezen fathers day.pngIMG_0242.jpg
My father taught me perseverance. Growing up I watched my dad show perseverance when many couldn't. He suffered a massive heart attack several years ago that left him with very little functioning heart tissue. He struggles everyday to live a normal life - maybe not normal by most people's standards but his normal. He never gave up on me, even at my worst. Now that I'm 32 and mother to 16-year-old twins, he is still by my side and heads my cheer section. I just graduated from nursing and am the first person since my great-grandfather to have gotten my university degree. It is because of my dad that I am the mother I am, a caring person and now successful in my life. Thanks, Dad!

Vicki Parr-Gallant - Fredericton, N.B.

@amandercomander.png @saulsister fathers day.png380-facebook-fathers-day.jpgTO-Blue-Jays-Event---July-2.jpgMy Dad taught me how to dance, drive a car, and to root for the Jays!
Kris Crandall - Thamesford, Ont.

@russless fathers day.png@julesr10 fathers day.png
206228_10150148654067531_48.jpgThe best lesson my dad taught me was to be myself.
Krista Thompson - Victoria, B.C

My father, Peter Oliver, taught me many things and as 200-Trent-Hills-20111111-00.jpg
with many great people, he led by example.

The greatest lesson however was that he never tried to impose his will on my life or to live his own life through mine.  He unfailingly supported me in everything I did.  He let me make my own mistakes and learn from them.  He guided and counseled when asked and he was always there for all of my triumphs and failures.

My father was a veteran of WWII and was one successful and tough guy, but he always told me that "everyone is different" and that all must be respected and taken for who and what they are.

He also said, "In war, everybody loses".

Rob Oliver
- Toronto, Ont.

@ruth_ios fathers day.png
si-Alpa-Corral-220.jpgMy father is quite a stubborn man. Although he never really spelled it out for me, the greatest lesson I have learned from him is to let the little things go (especially when you're arguing with him).

Julieta Melano -
Toronto, Ont.

Thanks to everyone who submitted their photos, stories and comments. If you'd like to share your own Father's Day photos and videos, please upload them to the CBC Your News Community page using the widget below.

You can also tweet them to us: @CBCCommunity.

Happy Father's Day!

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