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County Fair seeks extraterrestrial visitors

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 San Diego County Fair organizers hope that a real extraterrestrial visitor makes an appearance at the space-themed event this year. (Yuriy Mazur / istockphoto) Midway thrill rides, diet-busting deep fried foods and livestock pageants are popular among humans at county fairs in the U.S., but how do visitors from other planets feel about beer battered bacon and ferris wheels?

Organizers of the 2012 San Diego County Fair hope to find out soon.

Their brand new Out of This World theme exhibit explores all things outer space and science fiction, from the educational aspects of space exploration to a simulated alien crash site.

"It would be so cool if some aliens decided to come," said San Diego County Fair spokeswoman Linda Zweig to the Huffington Post. "I don't know if their [space] craft would fit in the parking lot, but if they show up, we'll make room. There's plenty of room in the infield."

"This may be the first UFO-themed fair ever," UFO researcher Mel Podell of the San Diego chapter of the Mutual UFO Network told the Huffington Post. He also noted that San Diego is already a hotbed for UFO activity, "especially in summer...  that's when people get outside to enjoy themselves and see these things."

Last year, The San Diego County Fair attracted a record-breaking 1,412,113 million visitors to Del Mar, California and Zweig predicts that this year's alien-themed fair will break attendance records once again.

The fair will run until July 4th. Do you think any extraterrestrial creatures will show up, or that sightings of this kind are even possible?

Let us know your thoughts below.

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