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Canada's yearbook: Send us your graduation photo

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Spring is graduation season and students from coast to coast to coast will be awkwardly posing in the caps and gowns for graduation photos.

The CBC Community Team wants to build a Canadian yearbook that spans the country and the decades. Send us your pics, fill out your yearbook entry and tell us where you graduated from so we can pin your entry to our cross-Canada map.

Whether it's a scan from a dusty old yearbook or an Instragram shot you posted just last night, we want to see it.

Have you ever looked through your parents' yearbooks and laughed at weird trends in hairstyles, facial hair or glasses? Imagine hundreds of those from every decade from every corner of Canada.

Upload your photos or videos using the form below. If you haven't joined the CBC Your News Community, it's easy to do so. If you are a member, just log in.

Note: CBC Your News Community has replaced the previous member centre. Log-in information for the member centre will not work in CBC Your News Community.

Fill in your name and graduation year and use the search box on the map to find your high school, college or university.

(No kindergarten or grade school grad pics, please. It's not that they aren't adorable, but our privacy policies prohibit pictures of little kids. Sorry.)

You can then customize your yearbook entry with your favourite quote, your dedications and thanks, or your interests (or your interests back when you graduated). What were you "most likely" to do?

Then click on Browse to select your graduation photo or video.

If you run into issues, you can still submit your photos or videos via email to Be sure to include your full name and where you live.

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