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Are procedural tactics the best way to oppose Bill C-38?

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UPDATE June 14: Voting on the 871 amendments to Bill C-38 began Thursday morning at 1 a.m. ET and will likely continue into early Friday morning. Follow our live blog of the voting on the government's budget bill.

Original post June 11:

Opposition parties - and in particular Green Party Leader Elizabeth May - are planning to introduce hundreds of amendments to the government's budget implementation bill this week in an effort to force the bill to be broken up.

 Elizabeth May has proposed hundreds of changes to the government's budget bill. (Darryl Dyck/CP)The Budget Implementation Act - a massive 450-page bill that makes changes to numerous Canadian laws - is back in the House of Commons for its third and final reading.

Nearly one-third of the act proposes changes to environmental laws, including a new Environmental Assessment Act. Amendments to those sections are of particular interest to May, who has put forth 330 amendments.

The Green Party is not alone in its opposition to the bill.

The Liberals will also weigh in with 503 proposed changes. The NDP has proposed 506 changes, while the Bloc Quebecois has said they will support the changes of their fellow opposition groups and introduce 22 of their own.

Hundreds of the proposed changes are expected to overlap, but members are nevertheless preparing to spend an uncomfortably long time in the House of Commons to deal with the remaining ones.

The NDP says that each vote on a budget amendment amounts to a confidence vote, and there's a risk the government could fall.

"This is entirely of their own design and from the beginning we warned the government that this day was coming," said NDP House leader Nathan Cullen.

Are procedural tactics the best way to oppose Bill C-38? Are these tactics fair game as long as all parties follow parliamentary rules? Let us know what you think.

(This survey is not scientific. Results are based on readers' responses.)

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