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Would you rather William or Charles be king after the Queen's reign?

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It looks like Canadians - and Britons and Australians - would rather see Prince William on our money than his dad. A poll suggests people in all three countries would rather Will be king than Charles.

 Would you rather see Prince William as Canada's king than his dad, Charles? (Alastair Grant/AP)About half of people asked in an Angus Reid poll (47 per cent in Canada, 52 per cent in Australia and 51 per cent in the U.K.) said they would like Prince William to become king after Queen Elizabeth.

The online survey of 5,500 people also indicates that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge - Will and Kate - have surpassed Her Majesty as the most popular royals.

Support among Canadians for the country to become a republic with an elected head of state was at 37 per cent, slightly more than the proportion that supports Canada remaining a monarchy, 33 per cent. The rest of the respondents were indifferent on the matter.

Would you rather Prince William become Canada's king after the reign of Queen Elizabeth? Or would you prefer to see Charles take his place on the throne? Or should Canada have an elected head of state? Let us know what you think.

(This survey is not scientific. Results are based on readers' responses.)

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