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Trending: Kate Upton, Conrad Black and National Education Day

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si_upton.jpgKate Upton, Conrad Black and National Education Day were all trending Tuesday evening after a colourful day on the internet.

Kate Upton:
The always popular sports-illustrated model started trending (once again) Tuesday evening after photographer Terry Richardson released a video of Upton dancing in his studio.

The short video features Upton doing a dance known as the "Cat Daddy," in which she grinds suggestively. Like the bombshell blonde's past dance videos, it started going viral immediately.

Conrad Black: News broke this afternoon that the former media baron had been granted permission to live in Canada again, temporarily, after serving jail time in Florida for fraud and obstruction of justice.

Tweeters had a lot to say about the decision.

Happy National Education Day: This holiday is traditionally observed on May 2 in Indonesia, but as the term's prominence rose people from all over the world joined in. On Tuesday evening, which is Wednesday morning in Indonesia, "National Education Day" was trending Worldwide.

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