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Should the 'skywalking' photo craze be discouraged?

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If you thought planking was dangerous, Russia's "skywalking" photo fad may take your fears to new heights.

Daring photographers, mostly teenagers without any safety equipment, are scaling buildings, statues and other structures to take stomach-turning photographs to post online.

Bloggers Vadim Mahorov and Marat Dupri are among those gaining a following for their high-resolution images. Media outlets like The Sun U.K., Cater News Agency and the Daily Mail have also posted some dizzying shots.

 A teen is seen posing at a risky height without safety gear. (YouTube)"I've taken a lot of the photos by sneaking past guards and getting access to structures illegally," Durpri has been quoted as saying.

"But I think the risks are worth it to take such amazing pictures."

Those risks are real. When internet dares like "the cinnamon challenge," which encourages people to swallow so much of the spice they choke, users typically try to outdo each other.

Sometimes the one-upmanship has tragic consequences.

Last May, Australian police said a man plunged seven floors to his death from an apartment balcony. Police believe he was posing for a planking shot, which involves lying flat on your stomach in an unexpected setting.

What is your reaction to the latest photo craze? Are fears about these trends justified? Why or why not?

(This survey is not scientific. Results are based on readers' responses.)

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