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Should skateboarding have a speed limit?

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The Los Angeles City Council has unanimously voted to set a speed limit for skateboarders, many of who tear down hills in a dangerous practice called "bombing."

Some skateboarders weave in and out of traffic, ignore road rules and take to the street in groups.

In a 12 - 0 vote, council requested a draft ordinance that would set a speed limit to 40 kilometres per hour and penalize those who engage in unsafe boarding.

 A young man skateboards down a hill in central California. (YouTube)Councillor Joe Buscaino initiated the proposal following the death of two young skateboarders within the past year. He said the police should be able to confiscate the boards of those who are caught breaking the rules.

"We're looking at ... [having] the officers impound the skateboards after the citation is given, so that the parents can go to the police station and recover the skateboard," Buscaino told the L.A. Times.

Although some skateboarders agreed that it's important to obey traffic rules, they wondered if boarders would measure their speed.

"Skateboarders can't tell exactly how fast they're going," Mike Horelick, owner of Santa Monica-based Tunnel Skateboards, told the paper.

"If you're driving, you look at the speedometer. But if you're a skateboarder, you're looking at the road in front of you."

How would you like to see this issue resolved? Have speeding skateboarders ever been a problem in your community?

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