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Should dogs and cats be taxed?

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 Italy has tossed out a proposal to tax dogs and cats. Would you have supported such a tax? (iStock)Italy has withdrawn a proposal to levy a tax on dogs and cats after a massive and angry outcry, Reuters reports.

The tax, on domestic "animals of affection," was meant to help the debt-strapped country raise revenue.

But everyone from animal rights groups to politicians protested it, saying it would encourage people to abandon their animals and calling it "grotesque," "surreal," "idiotic" and "shameful," among other things.

Parliamentarians withdrew the proposal Friday, Reuters reported; no one on the committee to discuss admitted ownership of it.

"The only thing that's left to tax are wives and children," Reuters quoted parliamentarian Domenico Scilipoti as saying.

Would you support a tax on domestic pets to help raise money for municipal, provincial or federal coffers? Why or why not? What will they think of next, do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments field below.

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