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Reaction to Canada's expulsion of Syrian diplomats

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Canada gave all Syrian diplomats five days to leave the country Tuesday, joining Australia, the U.K., France, Italy, Spain and Germany in expelling their Syrian ambassadors.

The move follows trade sanctions on Syria and the suspension of operations at the Canadian embassy and consulate there.

Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird made the announcement early this morning, but the reaction in the comments of our story is already coming swiftly.

Many congratulated the government on its decision.

  • "Admittedly, more symbolic than instrumental. Still, the right thing to do under the circumstances," said MarkHammer.

  • "Good. These are people who have intimidated Syrians and others who do not agree with them in Ottawa and other places in Canada. They should have been expelled long ago," said Ottawamom.

  • "Thank you. Some tough sanctions to follow I hope," said selenius.

But some in the CBC Community thought the move came too slowly.

  • "It's about time, what took Canada to kick those murderer supporters out of our soil. This should have taken place a year ago when the first pictures of the slaughter were shown to the world. Baird is, as usual, a slow poke," said Knize10.

  • "Not enough and way too late. The long entrenched Assad Regime has been killing tens of thousands of Syrians for many, many years and "the world" has not blinked an eye. Why is this?" said Canvan.

  • "Syrians lost more than 12,000 innocent civilians before our eyes. It is too late for Canada to expel the diplomats. Think about the lives we could have saved if this action was taken earlier!" said obaydah.

  • "Three days for the world to bomb Libya. One year, and we kindly ask the Syrians to leave. Yeah, no double standards here. Simply, and utterly disgusting. What took so long?" said Mahlerman.

But at least one commenter thought the expulsion of Syrian diplomats came too soon.

  • "Is Baird not jumping the gun here? Should he not have at least waited until Kofi Annan visits with President Bashar Assad later today?" said tcam86.

But the CBC Community was divided on what the next move should be.

  • "Good for Baird. It's a first step. Canada should pull up its pants now and join the Americans in its fight to get rid the Syrian regime," said edcan1.

  • "A good first step, now it's time to get some boots on the ground over there," said TropicCanadian.

  • "The only thing that is going to phase Syria is an all out invasion of the country by western military forces and the UN. That is not going to happen, not with Russia and China standing behind the Syrian forces," said OBSERVANCE.

  • "The government is doing the right thing, and for Canada to expel diplomats is an exception to the rule. Well done by the government on this. Now let's just avoid sending troops over there," said golfernut.

Thank you, as always, for following our coverage. Please feel free to comment on or challenge any of these points and continue the conversation below.

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