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Divorce Hotel offers couples a quick split

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 'Divorce Hotel' helps couples separate with less stress during two-day stay (iStockphoto)Check in married, check out single. This is the premise behind a new vacation destination in the Netherlands called "Divorce Hotel."

In a little as two days, unhappy couples can easily and amicably split ways at one of six participating hotels with the help of mediators, lawyers and counselors, all who stay on-site with their clients.

"We offer you an affordable 5 star divorce made-to-measure," boasts the company's website. "Your divorce is fully arranged for by a team of professionals in a single long weekend."

The cost of the program ranges from $3,500 to $10,000 U.S., depending on how complicated the division of assets becomes.

If a couple is particularly bitter or aggressive, Divorce Hotel staff will recommend they pursue a traditional divorce instead.

According to The New York Times, 16 out of 17 couples who've checked in have successfully left with divorce papers ready.

Now, Divorce Hotel founder Jim Halfens wants to bring his idea overseas - with a reality TV show.

The 33-year-old Dutch entrepreneur tells the New York Times that two American production companies are already on board; Base Productions and A. Smith & Company.

"These are real people getting real divorces -- or at least attempting to get real divorces -- and it has all of the human drama of this significant process all condensed down into a very short period of time," said Mickey Stern, co-chief executive of Base Productions to the New York Times, added that he expects the show to debut this fall on a yet-to-be announced network.

Would you watch a TV show based on Divorce Hotel? Furthermore, would you consider a "divorce getaway" if you were facing the end of a marriage?

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