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'Toe jobs' become popular among stiletto wearers

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si_footjob_220.jpg Sky-high stilettos may be on trend, but the pain they can cause is off the charts.

Bunions, ingrown toenails and severely disfigured feet are but a few of the risks chronic heel-wearers face, according to researchers -- and some women have had enough.

They're not modifying their shoe wardrobes, hoever. They're modifying their feet.

Research shows that the number of cosmetic procedures performed on feet have doubled in the last year.

The Daily Mail reports that requests for collagen injections into the toe pads, heels and balls of the feet in particular soared 21 per cent last year in the UK alone.

The procedure, which is painless, is said to create "a pillow effect on the foot." This alleviates some of the discomfort that can stem from wearing high heels.

One clinic in the UK charges approximately $500 for the procedure, which they say lasts up to 6 months.

What's your take on cosmetic foot surgery? Would you get a toe job before giving up heels?

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