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Is Earth Day still relevant?

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A crowd gathers on Parliament Hill to celebrate Earth Day, April 22, 1990, the first year that Canada celebrated Earth Day. (Frank Gunn /Canadian Press)

Today marks the 42nd annual Earth Day, a day established in 1970 to raise awareness and push for action on environmental issues.

Founder Gaylord Nelson, a Democratic U.S. senator from Wisconsin, modelled the first Earth Day on the teach-ins that anti-war activists were holding on college campuses.

This year, the day is expected to hark back to its activist roots, as organizers have revived the 1970s theme "Mobilize the Earth" for 2012.

"We felt mobilization as a concept was really critical, because it helps people understand that they can actually get going, they actually can get something done," said Kathleen Rogers, president of the Washington, D.C.-based Earth Day Network.

After a lull in activity during the 1980s, the Earth Day movement was re-energized in 1990 -- the year several nations, including Canada, first marked it in earnest.

Today, several U.S. environmental groups are planning a larger initiative, which some have called a climatic Arab Spring, for 2013.

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Are you marking Earth day? Is so, do you consider your participation a political statement? Are you satisfied with the level of environmental concern in Canada? Why or why not?

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