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Would you buy marijuana from a vending machine?

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 Police have arrested four people accused of selling gram-bags of marijuana from a vending machine. (iStock)Police in New Zealand have arrested four people for allegedly selling marijuana out of a vending machine.

Three men and one woman were apparently selling one-gram bags of pot for about $16 from the machine, set up in a warehouse in Auckland.

Police seized about $22,000 in cash, along with 500 grams of pre-package pot, some loose pot, bongs and pipes, TVNZ reported Friday.

The four have been charged on various counts including possession of cannabis and possession for supply.

It is illegal to import, grow, sell, distribute, possess and use cannabis in New Zealand, according to the New Zealand Drug Foundation.

The warehouse, known as the Daktory, is home to the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.

Members can enjoy "pool tables, table tennis and plenty of comfortable couches." Members also aim to loosen cannabis laws by "handing out flyers or protesting, and in some cases getting arrested for the cause."

"This raid was a huge waste of taxpayer's dollars," one of the accused, Dakta Blaze, told the Daktory. "People from all over our community come to the Daktory as a safe haven from the black-market, created by prohibition. The Daktory simply makes our community a safer place."

The Daktory said Friday it was no longer providing the vending machine service.

Do you agree with the alleged vendors' arrest? Why or why not? Would you buy marijuana from a vending machine?

(This survey is not scientific. Results are based on readers' responses.)

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