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Who should lead the NDP?

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Update: March 12 - The seven candidates vying to lead the federal New Democratic Party duked it out on Sunday, marking the final debate before the party's convention later this month.

The Vancouver debate, which focused on opportunities for youth and new Canadians, gave candidates one last chance to sell their visions.

They also took turns challenging the perceived frontrunner Thomas Mulcair, who was grilled on his plan to "modernize" the party and reach beyond a traditional social democratic base.

Over the past few months, The CBC Community team has posted video answers to your questions for Niki Ashton, Nathan Cullen, Martin Singh, Paul Dewar and Peggy Nash.

New Democrats are currently in the process of mailing in their ballots or voting online. Those who attend the leadership convention in Toronto -- about 3,000 are expected -- will be able to vote there as well.

British Columbia will play a big role in electing a new party leader. The province is home to roughly one-third of the party's 128,351 members, the largest such group in the country.

The new leader will be announced at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on March 24.

Original: Feb. 11 - And then there were seven: NDP MP Romeo Saganash dropped out of the race for the leadership of the Official Opposition Friday, citing lack of support and family concerns for his withdrawal.

"It is impossible to run a winning campaign as the favourite second choice. People send you good wishes, but they don't send their money," Saganash said in his home riding of Val D'Or.

The former Cree leader has been trailing the other seven candidates for most of the campaign.

When we first asked the CBC Community who they thought should lead the NDP, Saganash was an early and long-standing leader in the (unscientific) poll, winning 33% of the vote, followed by Paul Dewar, Peggy Nash and Thomas Mulcair.

Saganash follows Nova Scotia MP Robert Chisholm, who dropped out on Dec. 21 after acknowledging he won't be able to speak French fluently by the time the party meets for its convention in Toronto on March 24.

After the remaining candidates' performances at the French language debate in Quebec City, we're posing the big question again: Who should lead the NDP?

(This survey is not scientific. Results are based on readers' responses.)

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