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Mulcair and Mad Men in morning trends

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This is your daily dose of popular Twitter trends and links from Canada and around the world.

Mulcair - one of the perceived front-runners of the NDP leadership race, many judged his speech a disappointment after his entrance took half his allotted time, forcing him to speed through his own on-stage performance. Peggy Nash suffered a similar fate ahead of the first leadership ballot, while Nathan Cullen received mostly-positive reviews for his speech.

Air Canada - while the wildcat strike by baggage handlers and ground staff at Toronto's Pearson International Airport ended Friday morning, it caused at least 84 flight cancellations and another 80 delays, leaving would-be passengers on the ground over the weekend.

The Hunger Games - the latest blockbuster film based on a teen literature series launched Friday to mostly positive reviews. Check out Eli Glasner's review here.

Mad Men
- the popular television show set in the 1960s starring Jon Hamm and Elizabeth Moss begins its fifth season on Sunday. Twitter's #Discover section currently promotes a list of parody Mad Men accounts courtesy of Mashable.

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