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Is Elections Canada the right agency to investigate robocalls?

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Interim Liberal Leader Bob Rae has questioned whether Elections Canada has the people and resources to investigate the robocalls scandal.

 Does Elections Canada have the resources to investigate the robocalls made leading up to the last election? (Canadian Press)Elections Canada has appointed Ronald Lamothe, the investigator who led inquiries into illegal spending in the 2006 election, to head a probe into a call centre used by the Conservatives in the 2011 federal election.

A judge's ruling to fine the Conservative Party in the so-called in-and-out investigation came almost six years after the 2006 election - after the Conservatives won the 2011 election. 

Rae questioned whether an Elections Canada investigation would be sufficient for the robocalls issue.

"There's no accounting for what happens to complaints once they're made, what the results of that are," Rae told reporters Thursday. "It's not a transparent process and I'm troubled by it. I don't believe they have sufficient resources."

Investigators with Elections Canada are planning to interview staff at the Responsive Marketing Group call centre in Thunder Bay, Ont., next week. They'll be delving into reports of harassing and misleading phone calls made to voters in the days leading up to the May election.

Election commissioner William Corbett assigned Lamothe, a former Ottawa police officer, to oversee the probe.

Opposition MPs say they have received reports of automated robocalls or strange, harassing live calls from voters in more than 45 ridings. They allege the Conservative campaigns made the rude calls, claiming to be the Liberals, in an attempt to make the Liberal campaigns look bad.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper says the opposition parties didn't report the calls at the time and are acting like sore losers.

Do you think Elections Canada is the best body to investigate the robocalls issue? Why or why not? If not, who should? Should a public inquiry be called into the allegations? Let us know what you think.

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